100% Human


Pants: Zara

T-Shirt: Everlane

Shoes: Aldo

Earrings: Urbanoutfitters



One of the most common outfit of mine is white t-shirt and jeans. I wear them almost everyday. And these pants are one of my favorite, I bought them from Zara. I don’t really like pants from Zara that much but these pants are so lovely, and I have received so many compliments for them.


And the white T-shirt is from Everlane. You can never go wrong with a white tee, especially if they have quirky stuff written on them. I also wore hoops to add that feminine touch.


I don’t know why I carry these tiny bags where I cannot fit anything. I am holding my wallet because it is kind of fat and it will not  fit in my tiny backpack. It probably would have if it it was empty but I have my lunch box and other stuff inside. And  that black stuff I am holding is a blazer to wear if it gets chilly. And it did get chilly later and I wore them but I do not have a pic of me wearing them.



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