Winter Essentials

Winter is long and cold, especially in New York city. And for some reason I am always under dressed for winter. For example, last winter I mostly wore this super thin coat.



I do not even think you could call that a coat, it was crazy thin. I had a very hard time finding a right coat, and honestly I just didn’t feel like wearing my 5 years old A.P.C coat.


It is nice but I have had it for too long and I wanted something different. Whole winter went by me searching for the right coat. Therefore, this winter I decided to search again for that perfect coat, which looks nice and will keep me warm. And I decided to buy a puffer as well. I for some reason never liked a puffer, but I have recently seen some really cute puffers and it changed my view on them. And we all know there are days in winter when noting but a puffer will get you by. So, those were my two essentials for this winter.

And I am happy to share that I succeeded in finding those two essentials. It did take a lot of looking around, buying and returning. And to my dismay there are plenty of stores who still charge for shipping and returning. I think I spent almost 200 dollars alone in returning my purchases. Well, I am exaggerating a bit. It was not 200, maybe 100 dollars but it feels like 200. Isn’t that crazy?

So the coat I settled with is from Genuine People. It is long but I do prefer a long coat over short ones. I think they look more elegant, and you get more coverage. I love the color of this coat and it is super warm. It falls nicely over your body and doesn’t feel heavy and stiff. I am satisfied with this coat. And I did not pay the full price, which is always nice. The original price was $489.00 and I got 20% off, so I paid $391.


I had a hard time finding the right puffer as well. Every time I would run into a cute puffer, they would not have my size. That was kind of frustrating. But I finally found one in Zara. It was super affordable, only $119. I prefer a loose fit so I bought the large size. It looks nice and it is super comfy.



So, winter I am ready to face you. 




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