Goodbye Summer

Today for some reason I feel like giving summer a proper goodbye. I think it’s because I really enjoyed wearing my coat today, and of course the black turtleneck was nice as well. I am now super pumped up to wear my winter clothes. It is amazing how clothes encourages you to fall in love with every season, including this cold winter of NYC. I am still dreading those after- snow slippery streets.


Despite enjoying wearing my winter clothes, I feel like reminiscing my summer days today. Those gone days when I use to think less and wear less clothes.


fullsizeoutput_c51.jpegI miss wearing my tees and not having to cover it up with a denim jacket, blazer or whatever else. I miss  getting to display the beauty of tees, especially the white tees. They are my favorite. They literally go with everything.

“In Tees We Trust”, that quote basically sums up how a lot of people feel about tees. Don’t you agree?


I love tees, and last summer I wore them literally everyday. But there were some days when I felt like wearing more feminine tops. And I miss wearing them as well.  Honestly though, last summer I don’t think I got to wear as many cute tops as I would have liked.



Strawberries during the summer were a lot tastier, especially the ones from farmer’s market. They were so delicious.


Look how happy I was last summer. I miss being that happy. I am only kidding, I am still a very happy person. This was my tribute to last summer. It will come again, so I don’t want to be too dramatic. And I am kind of excited to dress myself for winter.





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