My Winter Favorites


This Winter I did a lot of shopping, and to my and my parents dismay I still am shopping. I really need to stop, maybe take a short break from shopping? I am too poor to be splurging like this. There were a lot of things that I bought and returned, and even that is super costly. Let me say it again and honestly I am not lying, I literally spent 100 dollars in shipping and returning things. Online shopping is very expensive. And I do sympathize with small stores who charge for shipping and returning, but the big stores???? And there are many who still charge for shipping. I am pretty sure they are making enough money already. Why are they being so stingy? SMH.

Anyways, I am done complaining for now. Let me share my very few favorite buys for this winter.

Vittoria Sweater


They only have size M and L left. So, buy immediately if that’s your size and  you like the sweater. And if you don’t like this sweater, what do you like? 


This Sweater is currently one of my favorite thing in my closet. Look at their ballon shaped sleeves, it adds a subtle amount of quirkiness, which makes it a bit different from your other regular sweaters. The one I am wearing is from Need Supply, I bought a sweater with a similar design from The Frankie Shop but for some reason it didn’t fit right on my body. It was a nice sweater but it just didn’t work for me. And it was 100% wool so it was super itchy.

I am so glad that I found this sweater. I am in love with this sweater. It goes with everything so, don’t have to worry about styling it. It will just make your outfit better.This was definitely one of my favorite purchases.


Oversized Wool Coat


They have 30% off your order so you will not be paying the full price. You will be paying roughly $346.00. It is expensive but it’s definitely worth it. fullsizeoutput_f0f.jpeg

My another favorite is of course this lovely coat. I am so happy with this coat, and I wonder why I was ever debating on keeping it. I mean can you believe that? But I made the right decision, so it’s all good.

I bought and tried many coats, and this coat was definitely the fairest of all. I love the color, collar, shape and everything else about it. If I could I would wear this coat every single day. This coat is really warm, trust me, it is warmer than a lot of coats out there. But in NYC it gets so cold sometimes that you just need a cute oversized puffer to survive. Or you can walk around the city with a facial expression, very similar, to the one that I have in this pic.


But sadly I haven’t found “the perfect puffer” . I  found an okay one from Zara but I am not 100% sure about it. I have worn it couple of times and it looks cute, but it just does not feel right. I am not that satisfied when I am wearing it. Therefore, sadly I am still in search for the perfect puffer. I hope I will find it soon because it is getting colder by day,  and that is very painful.


So, these are my two favorite purchases. I hope I will have many more to come. But that means more shopping and spending a lot of money that I don’t have. Credit Cards!!!!  


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