How to take a Vintage looking photo

Who does not like vintage looking photo? They just look so chic and cool. So, if you want to take a picture that has vintage feel and look to it, here is how you do it.


Wear vintage looking clothes. 

Pick a bright color, red is a really good one. And if you combine red and blue, that is just classic. You can also wear yellow, or deep blue. Shop at thrift stores, you can find really cute vintage outfits there.



Pick a location that is kind of barren and does not have a tall modern buildings. Do not look around too much, pick a simple background and make it work.

Take a picture during the evening, when the sun is about to set, or night time is good too. Avoid taking a picture during the broad daylight.



At the end it is kind of all about how you edit your picture. There are tons of vintage filters now, but I happen to not like any of them. At least, the free ones are all ugly. I think it is better if you do it from the scratch and maybe tweak the contrast or brightness here and there.


This was just a fun post. I apologize if it was not that helpful. There are definitely easier and better guidelines out there.


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