What I wore in Mexico City

Recently, I went on a short trip to Mexico city. The weather in Mexico city was super nice, it was around 70 degree Fahrenheit, simply amazing. I was happy that I got a break from wearing sweaters and coats. And this blog is just to share my Mexico city outfits.


The buildings in Mexico city were very colorful, and that inspired me to wear this bright pink shirt. My shirt and jeans are both from Ltrainvintage store. I paid less than 10 dollars for both of these items. The shoes are from Everlane.



My second outfit is also very simple. You can never go wrong with a white tee, high waisted flared jeans and a cute sandal. I just noticed that I am touching my head on both of these pics. WOW!!!



I really like this outfit but I regret wearing those shoes. Can you believe I climbed the pyramids wearing those shoes? I mean that is just ridiculous. I suggest everyone to wear comfortable shoes like sneakers while climbing the pyramids. But I think everyone else is smart enough to know that.

And I am also touching my head in this picture. I guess that is my go to pose.


I suggest everyone to pack very light while traveling. I don’t know why I carried so many clothes for a 3 day trip. There is no reason to wear different outfits everyday. I know that is what I did on this trip, but I definitely regret carrying unnecessary amount of clothes. Just take few of your favorite items and make the most out of it. Less is definitely more while traveling.


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