Cons of Online Shopping


Nowadays I think majority of people prefer online shopping more than going to the store. And why not ? It is super easy, do not have to deal with difficult people or any kind of people. I am someone who loves online shopping, however, recently I am a bit frustrated with online shopping. I guess it is my own fault but I sadly spent a lot of money in shipping and returning clothes.

One of the main problem is that the pictures can be very deceiving. There are some stores that photograph their clothes in a way that it looks much more better than it actually is. I guess they have to sell their products so it makes sense for them to make it appear nicer. I do not think so, if the product is good it will look good on its own. I see    a lot of stores put deceiving pictures. One of the big stores that does it is Urban Outfitters. They for some reason do not show the true color of their clothes in online photos. You shop online expecting to get exactly what is shown in the picture and you rarely get the exact thing. But they offer free return so it’s okay.

Coat: WHITÉLESSfullsizeoutput_cf5

I was scrolling through Instagram one day and I came across this style blogger who was wearing this lovely oversized gray coat. Since, I was also looking for an oversized gray coat for this winter, I followed her link. The coat looked really nice on the website as well. However, the store is based in Sweden so the shipping cost was like thirty dollars. I decided to buy it anyway which was my big mistake. I thought to myself how bad could it be. How can you go wrong with a nice gray coat ? And on the website they had multiple pictures of it and it looked really nice. So, I bought the coat and was eagerly waiting for it. And when I tried it on I felt like sobbing so hard. I bought the smallest size they had and still the coat was huge on me. It was literally drowning me. I like oversized coats, but this one was too oversized. It looked so horrible and I knew I will have to return immediately after trying. I spent fifty dollars to ship it back. That is just a lot of money gone to waste. I was so unhappy with this experience. I spent 80 dollars just to try and hate this coat. I suggest you guys think hundred times before doing international shopping. It is usually not worth it.

I just felt like sharing my bad online shopping experience. This has not stopped me from online shopping. I still prefer it over store shopping. And the coat I am complaining about is on sale for $120. Original price was $200. If anyone wants to purchase here is the link.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 9.01.47 PM.png



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