Best thing I bought from a Thrift Store

I really enjoy shopping at thrift stores. It is super cheap, and I think people who shop at thrift stores are much more stylish. I don’t know if that makes sense but that is just how I feel.

One of the thrift store that I visit the most is LtrainVintage. I go there almost every week and every time I visit I find something that I like. One of the hardest thing to find in thrift stores are jeans. And I was lucky enough to find some really good pair of jeans in LtrainVintage. One of my favorite purchase is this white lee jeans.

  1. JEANS

I was lucky that I did not have to make any adjustments on these jeans. I just made them little shorter, which I always do for every pair of jeans I buy from other regular stores. I am so happy that I only paid ten dollars for these jeans.





Another of my recent favorites is this shirt I bought from LtrainVntage. It is super pink in color, but what I like most about this shirt is its collar, and the pleat details. It looks and feels very vintage. I cannot wait for summer to come so, that I can wear this shirt more often.




These shorts were actually pants when I bought them. I turned them into shorts simply by cutting them. I also had to adjust the waist as it was kind of loose on me. I wore them a lot last summer. I like how loosely it fits around my thighs. And I only paid 10 dollars for it so, it was definitely worth it. I bought them from LtrainVintage, like I said before majority of my thrift store finds are from LtrainVintage.












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