Who Am I?

I am one of those people who wants to do everything but ends up doing nothing. I am super lazy but also super ambitious. I really don’t know how to properly express who I am. I will start by talking about my origin.



I was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. My parents are also from Nepal. It is located in Asia, for people who do not know where it is located. I came to United States at the age of 11. I didn’t really struggle to fit in when I came over here, mostly because New York city is so diverse. And my teachers and classmates at school were very friendly. I got lucky I guess.

I was always good at drawing and I enjoyed drawing since I was a kid. I went to Frank Sinatra Art High School and majored in Visual Arts over there. My Art teacher would show us Audrey Hepburn’s movies and fashion documentaries, which made me want to study Fashion Design. So, I went to FIT and majored in Fashion Design.


I actually do not know why I started blogging. I just felt like starting a blog one day and I did. I kind of started randomly but I want to continue doing it and connect with people through blogging. I am enjoying it more and more each day. I hope to become a better writer with every blog. I know that I am a terrible writer, and my grammar sucks. But, as long as I am able to express my opinions and thoughts I am happy.

My blogs are mostly fashion related. I want to share my style, and sometimes some random things. It is kind of like my open personal style diary.


I want to start my own clothing line. I want to work for myself. I am one of those people who doesn’t like working under other people. I for some reason hate schedules, it makes me feel confined. And I want to continue blogging and share my journey over here.


I feel like I should give you guys an idea about what my personality is like. At least, what I think my personality is like.

Iam super lazy, and I hate that about myself. I have opinion on everything, from politics to technology. Even though, I do not know much about any of them. And I low key think my opinion is the most correct one, even though I know that kind of mentality is wrong.

I am super foodie, and in my opinion I am the best cook. I think super highly of myself even though I know underneath I am a mess. I act strong but I am super weak. I cannot deal with any kind of problems. I like to run away from problems, or people who remind me of my problems. I cannot take criticism very well.

I know it is starting to sound really bad but I do have some good qualities. One big one is that I am aware of my flaws. A lot of people do not even know their flaws, and those are the hopeless ones. I think when you are aware of your problems and you accept them you can gradually work on them. One of the biggest challenge in life is accepting who you are and I believe the reason I am so happy is because I have accepted myself. And I like myself a lot.

That’s about it. By the way I also have an Instagram account where I share my outfits. If any of you want to follow it is @ashmita_scloset







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