One day in Madrid

This summer my sister and I went to Spain and Portugal. It was beautiful. Our first stop was Madrid.

We arrived in Madrid really tired and sleep deprived. We had breakfast in la Mallorquina. It’s a popular cafe in Madrid, and I really liked their pastries. But sadly their cappuccino was not so great. Therefore, stick to espresso or orange juice.  I do recommend this cafe to anyone visiting Madrid. It is a cute cafe.

La Mallorquina


The Airbnb I stayed in was super cute and clean. It is very important for me to stay in a good airbnb. It just makes my trip better somehow.


There are many things to do in Madrid. Let me share what I did in Madrid. I am someone who likes art so my first stop was Museo Nacional Del Prado. It is a well know museum for having world’s finest collection of European Art. It is a must go for art lovers. But you are not allowed to take pictures inside.

Museo Nacional Del Prado


We only had a day in Madrid so we did not have enough time to do much. We went to Retiro park after going to the museum. We walked around the park for a while. It is a nice park to visit during the day. You can just walk around the park and relax a little.

Parque del Buen Retiro


I really wanted to go inside the Royal Palace of Madrid but we did not have enough time to do that. The reason is because we took a little nap during the day as we were really tired and sleep deprived. We went to the Palace little late at night. We looked at it from the outside and it was beautiful. But try to go there early so that you get a better view and also go inside if you have time.

Royal Palace of Madrid


We ended the night with churros from Chocolatería San Ginés. It is a must go place in Madrid. And their churros are amazing. But only get one hot chocolate because one is more than enough for 3 to 5 servings of churros.

Chocolatería San Ginés






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